Youth Fellowship at FUMC

To participate and learn more about our youth activities, contact Courtney and Devon Bise.

Our service-oriented youth group is always looking for ways to be involved in the happenings and lives of the church. If there is a yard that needs work or many hands to put on an event, our youth are faithful to be there and help out, and have a lot of fun together while they do it. We try to do at least one kind of service to the church or community a month.

Our church does a wonderful job supporting this group, and we want to see these youth integrated into the life of the church more and more, melding the different generations, forming relationships where the Spirit of God can thrive and produce its fruit in our lives.

Things that our youth group likes to do when we get together include but is not limited to: basketball, concerts, canoeing, making chairs, ninja, water balloon fights, Pop’s Brothers, dinner and game nights at church member’s houses, making pizzas, solving puzzles, scavenger hunts, and more. Our youth small group meets on Wednesday nights, and one Sunday evening or so a month we get together for a larger fun event. Youth, friends, and family are all welcome!

Summer mission trips are one of the best parts of the year for our group. We have attended MissionFest in Jackson, MS for the past two years now, and our youth always come back with fun memories, new friends, and good stories to tell. We plan to keep this an annual trip for our group, and will continue to look for new trips, relationships, and opportunities. Camp Wesley Pines, Costa Rica, and Camp Lake Stevens are a few of the other places our youth can go to experience other parts of the world, form new relationships, and learn more about God and what he is doing in this world and their lives.