Divorce & Grief Recovery Workshops

For over 30 years, we have provided these vital programs to help people to move through their loss and reclaim their lives.

The Divorce Recovery Workshop- May 9 - July 18, 2024 & September 19 - November 21, 2024: meets for 10 weeks and helps those dealing with divorce issues. It provides a caring support group for those going through a divorce or separation, with the goal of being able to move on with your life. For information, call 228.365.2998 or 228.731.5500.

 The Grief Recovery Workshop- May 9 - July 18,  2024 & September 19 - November 21, 2024  a 10-week program for those dealing with the emotional pain that follows the death of a loved one. Participants share loss experiences and talk about grief issues, with the goal of putting their life back together and beginning to live again.  For information, call 228.341.0889 or 228.806.0851.  

Broken Rainbow - May 9 - July 18, 2024 & September 19 - November 21, 2024  an 10-week program for children age six to eleven who are having difficulty coping with a divorce or death in their family. The leader has been working with children for over 20 years. Call 228.669.9868 for details.

Grief Recovery Method Workshop- July 25 - September 12, 2024: intense 8-week action-based program led by Jake Peterman, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, that involves reading and writing assignments that will lead you toward dealing with unresolved grief that is negatively affecting your life. Call 404.323.6010 for details.

All workshops meet at 7 pm on Thursday nights in the Education Building of First United Methodist Church. Our church is located on 15th Street in downtown Gulfport.  The Education building is at the corner of 15th Street and 23rd Avenue. The workshop fee is $30.  Scholarships are available.  Children of Divorce Recovery or Grief Recovery participants may attend Broken Rainbow at no cost.